String Quartet Premiere
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Wersja polska

The string quartet Premiere demonstrates an extensive, diverse and challenging repertoire that ranges from classical to popular music (including musicals and movie standards) guaranteed to suit any taste.

Movie standards
Well known movie standards and themes (both Polish and foreign cinematography) e.g.:
  "Moonriver" from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
  "My heart will go on" from "Titanic"
  "The man and the woman" from "The man and the woman"
  "Don't cry for me Argentina" from "Evita"
  "Vabank" from "Vabank 2 - the retort"
  "Singing in the rain" from "Singing in the rain"
  "Somewhere, my love" from "Dr. Schiwago"
  "I have a 9 o'clock date with her" from "One floor above"
  "All you need is love" from "It's only love"
  "Sweet dream" from "French kiss"

 "Fiddler on the roof", "The Richman", "Sunrise, sunset"
 - from "Fiddler on the roof"
"Someday my prince will come", "Heigh-ho"
 - from "Snow White"
"Memory" - from "Cats"

Popular music
Standards:Duke Ellington, Maurice Jarre, Scott Joplin, Paul Desmond, Jay Livingstone, Jerzy Petersburski, Henryk Wars 
Tangoes:"Tango Milonga" J. Petersburski
"La Cumparsita" G. Rodriguez
"Jalousie" J. Gade
Waltzes:"Waltz" from "Nights and days" W. Kazanecki
"Fascination" L. Marchetti
"Valse Espagnole" J. L. Metra
Italian melodies:"O sole mio"
"Comeback to Sorrento"
"Santa Lucia"
"The Venetian Carnival"
French melodies:"The Champs Elysées"
"Under Paris roofs"

 Baroque music:
 J. S. Bach :"Aria - G string" from suite D-major
 A. Vivaldi :"Four Seasons"
 A. Corelli :Concerto grosso g-minor "For Christmas"
"Zwoelf Kammersonaten"
 J. Pachelbel :Canon

Classical music:
J. Haydn :The string quartet G op. 77 nr 1 
W. A. Mozart :I Divertimento D, KV 136
II Divertimento B, KV 137
III Divertimento F, KV 138
The string quartet D, KV 575
The string quartet C, KV 465
"Ave Verum Corpus"
L. van Beethoven :The string quartet F, op. 18 nr 1 
J. Strauss :"By the beautiful, deep-blue Danube"
"Rosen aus dem Suden"

 Romantic music:
 J. Brahms :The string quartet a, op. 51 nr 2
"The Hungarian Dance" nr 5
 F. Schubert :The string quartet a, op. 29 nr 1
 R. Schumann :"Dream"
 C. Franck :"Panis Angelicus"
 F. Kreisler :"Liebesleid"
 A. Dvorak :"Humoresque"
 G. Bizet :"Habanera" from "Carmen"
 P. Czajkowski :"Flower Waltz" from "The Nutcracker"
"The Swan Lake"
 E. Grieg :"The Dawn" from "Peer Gynt"
 M. Rimski-Korsakow :"The Prince and Princess" from "Szecherezada"